Still using a logbook to track keys?

Find where any of your keys are and who has them in one click, on any device. You’ll never lose a key again.


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Log keys in/out with a single tap

Just tap the fob on the reader and you’re good to go - it really is as simple as that. Our smart RFID fobs record and monitor when and who has taken the keys from the office.

Automatic SMS reminders

No more chasing keys! We automatically send a customised SMS as soon as keys are overdue. Highly effective with contractors.

Boost your brand

Our smart tracking fobs, tailored to your brand. Increase brand awareness and promote your professional image.

Find keys instantly from any device

Log in on your mobile or PC and see the status of any key in real time. You’ll know where the keys are and who’s got them. No more “hoping” the keys are in the office!

Exchange keys on the move

Key handovers are also tracked, using our app for contractors and staff. You’ll know that the key has been exchanged, and you’ll be able to track its location at all times.

Share keys 24/7 remotely

Our nationwide network of KeyNest Stores can store your keys securely, within walking distance of your properties. Grant access to contractors, agents, and even allow new tenants to gain access to the property whilst the office is closed.

How many properties do you manage?

Give 180 hours back to your staff and save £980per year

The above estimates are based on an average number of keys per property and time and money spent dealing with misplaced and lost keys. Your KeyNest stats may differ.

Find where any of your keys are and who has them in one click, on any device. You’ll never lose a key again.

“KeyNest has made our life so much simpler! The online dashboard is always accurate, which has saved us a lot of money in call-out charges. We’re rolling it out across our 13 branches.”

— Jonathan Werth, MD LiFE Residential


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