Smart key exchange for online agents

Increase your productivity with KeyNest Stores - the most convenient way to manage property access remotely. Exchange keys at our network of 2500 locations and receive notifications whenever they’re picked up or collected.

Offer a true hands-off service, keys included

Hands-off landlords will no longer need to come to the property to provide access. Instead, they simply drop off their keys at the nearest KeyNest, so you can provide access as and when required.

Provide access just by sharing a code

You can use KeyNest to let in Viewing Assistants, Viewbers, Engineers, Surveyors, Contractors, Cleaners, the buyers / tenants on completion, and your own LPEs.

Just send them a 6-digit access code.

Always know the status of your keys

We automatically notify all the relevant stakeholders in real-time as keys are collected or dropped off, providing you with a valuable audit trail as well as the live status of the keys at all times.

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Easy signup – cancel monthly subscription anytime

What KeyNest customers are saying

“KeyNest really simplified my life as a host. The guests really like it, and I can manage check-ins from anywhere. I actually use it for my cleaners as well - it’s so simple to use.”

Enzo, Airbnb host

“KeyNest was so easy to use, we checked in whenever we wanted to -I wish every Airbnb host had this.”

Oliver, Enzo’s Airbnb guest

“KeyNest allows us to manage properties all across London by giving our staff quick access to our homes without any hassles. We don’t have to waste time planning and commuting from home to home - now all we have to do is send a code!”

Operations team, GuestReady

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Why KeyNest?

Key exchange with KeyNest is the easiest and safest way to provide property access remotely.

The easy solution

Convenient, easy and fuss-free key exchange.

Peace of mind

Securely locked safes, trained staff and single-use codes.

Updates - wherever, whenever

Email notifications and online status tracking.

Save time and money

Use your resources more efficiently and concentrate on growing your business.

Nationwide coverage

Our stores are within five minutes of most UK properties.

We’re here for you, 24/7

Round the clock key access and phone support.

Rolling subscription, cancel anytime


We have three price plans that all feature online key tracking, 24/7 UK support and access to our network of 2500 stores. Just choose to be billed annually, monthly or per collection, depending on how often you’ll be using KeyNest.


£5.95 per key collection
£7.14 incl VAT

drop-off is always free

key storage for 30 days
online key tracking
24/7 support


£14.95 per month
£17.94 incl VAT

billed annually

unlimited key collections
unlimited key storage
online key tracking
24/7 support


£18.95 per month
£22.74 incl VAT

billed monthly, cancel anytime

unlimited key collections
unlimited key storage
online key tracking
24/7 support

Easy signup – Hassle-free

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how to add your keys to KeyNest? Not sure which plan to go for? The questions we get asked the most are below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to our friendly support team by email or give us a ring on 0203 633 4599.

What are KeyNest Stores?

Stores are our network of locations that provide a smart key exchange service, allowing customers to securely store keys so that someone else can collect them later. Our regular stores are a variety of independent local businesses such as newsagents and cafés, and we have automated lockers outside supermarkets, retail parks and shops.

Is KeyNest right for me?

KeyNest is ideal for anyone who wants to securely give access to a property, such as:

  • Online agents sharing keys with local property experts
  • Real estate agents sharing keys with agency staff, contractors, cleaners and maintenance staff
  • Airbnb hosts, Short-term rental companies and busy urban residents

Is KeyNest secure?

We take security very seriously at KeyNest. Keys in our regular Stores are stored securely and only handled by trained staff, and our automated lockers are fitted with security cameras. We will never ask you to provide us with your exact address, so the identity of your keys will be protected at all times. Whether you are using regular stores or automated lockers, you’re able to track the movements of your keys with our automatic notifications. Head over to our security section to find out more.

Where is my nearest KeyNest?

We have over 2500 locations across the UK and Europe, so your local KeyNest is probably just around the corner. Head over to our locations map to find your nearest KeyNest store.

How do I add new keys to my account?

Adding your keys only takes 30 seconds! Sign up or log in and you’ll be promoted to add a new key. Then just choose your local store and select your plan, and your key will be added to your account.

How do I drop off my keys?

After you add a key in the My Keys section online, you will receive a 6-digit drop-off code. If you’re dropping off your keys at one of our regular stores, the staff will enter the code and attach one of our fobs. The keys will then be scanned and stored securely. If you’re using one of our automated lockers, just select send a parcel on the screen, enter the drop-off code, and place your keys inside the locker. Watch this video to find out more about using our automated lockers.

How are my keys collected?

Generate a collection code from the my keys section of your dashboard and send the details to the person who will be collecting the key. They can then collect the key by sharing the code with the staff at our regular Stores or entering the details into one of our automatic lockers. Watch this video to find out more about using our automated lockers.

How will I know if my keys have been collected?

Every time your keys are dropped off or collected at one of our stores you’ll automatically receive an email notification with the details. You can also see the movement history of your keys at any time by logging into your KeyNest dashboard.

How are my keys returned?

At our regular Stores your keys just need to be handed back to the shopkeeper, who will scan them and store them securely. Keys can be returned to our automatic lockers by selecting send a parcel on the locker screen, re-entering the code that was used to collect the keys and placing them back inside the locker. Watch this video to find out more about returning keys to an automated locker

What should I do if I lose or damage my KeyNest fob?

Our fobs are pretty sturdy, but if they’re damaged or lost give us a call on 02036 334599 and we’ll sort it out.

How do I add a time restriction to my codes?

When you book a code you'll be given the option to add a time limit to your code's validity. You can choose a starting point (for example, if you want to make sure a key isn't collected before a scheduled viewing) and end point (if you want to make sure a code won't be valid after a viewing) or both. Just turn the time limit option on and enter the times and dates that you'd like. If you don't want to add a time restriction, then just leave the option turned off.

Can KeyNest send collection details on my behalf?

Yes we can! Before completing the checkout when booking a new code you'll see the option share collection details automatically. Turn the option on and enter the email address of the person collecting the keys. We'll them the collection details, including the collection code and store location.