We've partnered with Guesty!


Plenty of you asked for it, so we’ve delivered - we’ve partnered up with Guesty to become the first key exchange service available on the Guesty marketplace!

It means that if you’re using both Guesty and KeyNest, you’ll be able to book collection codes automatically from within the Guesty app and send them to your guests directly.

KeyNest has been integrated into the Guesty platform

What is Guesty?

Guesty is a PMS (Property Management Software) that simplifies managing your short-term rentals - particularly if you have more than one listing. It lets you list on more than one online travel agent (OTA) such as Airbnb and booking.com at the same time and automatically prevents double booking across platforms. Guesty also deals with guests directly when they have an issue - so no more being woken up at 3am by a guest who can’t figure out how to use the toaster! Using KeyNest together with Guesty will mean that you can entirely automate your hosting.

How to use KeyNest and Guesty

To link the two services, select KeyNest on the Guesty Marketplace and select connect - this will generate an API token. Then head to profile on your KeyNest dashboard and paste the API token in the field Guesty integrations.

Next, edit (or add) a KeyNest key and you’ll be asked to enter your Guesty listing ID. If you’re not sure of your listing ID, you can find it on the URL of your Guesty listing.

Now, every time you get a booking on Guesty, KeyNest will automatically generate and send three collection codes to you - one for your guest, one for a cleaner, and one spare. Your guest will be automatically sent their code in the notes field on your Guesty communications when they make a reservation.

We’re really excited to have integrated with Guesty, so we welcome any feedback you have!

Edward Bate