We've added three brand new features!


Over the past few months we’ve carefully listened to your feedback and we’re happy to announce that we’ve got a new checkout page with not one, not two, but THREE brand new features! Read on and we’ll explain what they are and how to use them.

ID verification for Airbnb hosts and serviced apartment operators

Online ID Verification


We’ve found that fraudulent bookings and cancelled credit cards are a big problem - particularly if you’re sharing a rental on booking.com. We created KeyNest Verify to cut down on these problems and help you reduce lost revenue. Just let us know the email of your guest and once they’ve verified their ID with us, we’ll send them there collection details directly. You’ll receive a confirmation along with a copy of their ID.

Automated Airbnb check-ins

Automatically send codes to guests


We know you don’t always have time to send collection details to your guests directly - particularly if it’s a busy season or you have multiple properties. That’s why we’ve added the option for you to let us send the collection details to your guest instead. We just need to know your guest’s name and email address, and we’ll send them instructions for picking up their key. This option is turned off by default, so if you want to send codes to your guests directly just leave it turned off.

Time-limited codes keep KeyNest keys safe

Time-restricted codes


We’ve now given you the ability to add time restrictions for your codes - in case you want to make sure a guest checks in after a certain time, or want to make sure a code isn't valid after last day of a booking. You can choose a start point, an end point, or both. If you don’t want to add a time restriction then just leave the option for time-restricted codes unchecked.


Using these features

To use these features, book a collection code and head to the checkout page as usual. Before you pay, you’ll see the options for ID verification, sharing collection details automatically and restricting the time validity of your code.

They’re all turned off by default - so click the button next to them if you want to turn them on. Turning on ID verification or sharing collection details automatically will give you the option to enter your guest’s name and an email address.

Turning on a time-restriction will bring up a calendar, so you can select the dates you want your code to be valid within easily. You can leave a date blank, but be aware that this will leave the date unrestricted on that end - for example, not selecting a start date will mean the code will be valid immediately.

The coupon code section has now also been moved to this page - if you have a coupon code, you can enter it here and continue to payment as usual.

We hope that you find these new features useful! We’re always trying to improve KeyNest so any feedback on them or suggestions that you have are very well appreciated.

Revision September 2019: KeyNest Verify has been discontinued. You can still choose to add time restrictions to codes and share collection details automatically.

Edward Bate