How to keep up your Airbnb bookings this autumn


The leaves are turning brown and autumn is just around the corner… And that means the Airbnb low season isn’t far off. But that doesn’t mean you should put hosting on the back foot this autumn - here are 5 tips on how to keep your bookings up long after the summer boom is over.

Reduce your minimum booking

Do you have a minimum booking during the summer season? Getting rid of the minimum booking can encourage more guests to stay. People will likely have booked off most of their holiday days over summer, and they’re probably saving what they have left for Christmas and New Year. Drop your minimum stay to just one night and your booking calendar won’t be so empty. 

Airbnb guest with hot chocolate and book in Autumn

Make your listing cosy

We’ve all been used to scorching temperatures over the summer, and the cold of autumn coupled with shorter days and longer nights can leave your guests yearning again for summer. Keep them cosy with plenty of blankets, cosy decorations and a cupboard well stocked with tea and coffee. Once you’ve made your place cosy, you’ll need to show it off and update your listing with photos of your cosy home.

Redecorate your home

If you still aren’t getting the bookings you want, don’t see it as a defeat - use it as an opportunity to do the things you can’t do in the peak season. Do the walls need a lick of paint? Are the decorations a bit out of date? Is your sofa getting a bit tatty? Decorating a home can take a while, so now is the best time. Your investment won’t just make your home nicer, but it’ll mean that your listing will get more attention next year too.

Airbnb apartment using smart pricing in Autumn

Reduce your prices - and see what works

There’s no set amount to reduce your prices by in the low season, but it might be more than you think. Hotels reduce their prices by up to 40% in the off season, so don’t be afraid to cut your prices, see if it works, and then try a different price. Or try using Airbnb’s Smart Pricing function - it’s specifically designed to change to reflect demand levels.

Get in touch with your old guests

Your old guests have stayed at your Airbnb before, they liked it, you’re on good terms with them, and there’s more than a good chance they’ll want to stay again. The best bit? You’ve already got a direct way to get in touch with them! Message your previous guests through Airbnb with a discount and watch your off-season bookings increase.

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Edward Bate