10 things that Airbnb guests love


When you host on Airbnb you want to make sure your guest has the best experience possible. But sometimes you need to put yourself in the mind of a guest to find out the small things you can do that make a big difference to their experience. From sharing a little local knowledge to taking care of amenities, here are ten things that Airbnb guests love.

1.       An honest listing

Nothing is more disappointing for a guest than finding out a listing isn’t accurate. You need to provide clear, high quality photos of your home. If there’s some sort of defect that you haven’t been able to fix yet, then don’t neglect to mention this in your listing. It probably won’t put your guests off booking, but it’ll be annoying for them to arrive and find out your listing wasn’t honest.

2.       Snacks

Leaving a few snacks out for your guests can help make them feel welcome in your home. One host I stayed with in Rome left out a breakfast basket - it was a small gesture but a nice touch. Pots of tea and coffee will be seen by many guests as essential, but going that bit further with chocolate or a bowl of fruit will give off a great first impression.

Impressing Airbnb guests with a well-stocked home

3.      Maps and guides

When on holiday it helps to have a little local knowledge. Luckily your guests have the best local guide possible - you! Leave out a few maps and leaflets for local attractions. Know of some cool secret places to visit? Then let your guest know! The sense of discovery will make their trip one to remember.

4.       Plug adapters

You’ll have plenty of guests coming from different countries, and almost as many who will realise they’ve left their plug adapters at home. Buy a set of common plug adapters for your country and your guests will be relieved to find them waiting when they arrive.

5.       A clear space

Whether you’re renting out your home or a rental property, your guests will appreciate a clutter-free space. You can leave out things guests will find useful or quirky things that show off your personality - but it’s worth putting things like your clothes and personal belongings in a locked storage room so that your guest can use your wardrobe and drawers.

An Airbnb home with great reviews

6.       WiFi

It’s 2018 and it’s surprising how often internet is neglected by Airbnb hosts. Whether your guest is on a business trip or wants some downtime after a hard day sightseeing, there will be an inevitable point where they want to check their emails or watch some Netflix. Invest in a good WiFi router, and fast, fibre optic (if available) broadband. Your guest might not notice if the internet is good, but they will definitely notice if it’s bad.

7.       Communication

Communication with your guest is important. The best way to communicate is through Airbnb but make sure to also provide a phone number and an email address in case they need to get hold of you urgently. Send a friendly pre-check-in email with clear directions to your place in advance of their trip, and message them afterwards to make sure they were happy with everything.

8.       Privacy

It’s important to make your guest feel welcome, but if you’re renting out a single room or a section of your home, it’s also important to give them their privacy. Make sure there is a lock on your guests door, and stay out of the parts of your home that you’ve rented out to them.

Keep your Airbnb listing free of clutter

9.       Easy check-ins

Checking in is the most stressful part for an Airbnb guest. They’ve travelled a long way, they’re worried what their stay will be like, and they might be running late. You can make their check-in less stressful for them (and you) by using KeyNest’s key exchange service. If you prefer to greet your guests in person, then be understanding of the fact that they might be delayed, and have reasonable check-in and check-out times.

10.   Instructions

Is it difficult to get the temperature right on your shower? Is it confusing to operate your TV? Then provide some instructions for your guest. A written list or even post-it notes with instructions on how to use things will mean your guests will spend their time enjoying your house, not trying to figure it out. You could even invest in a device like the YourWelcome tablet and provide your guest with instructional videos, along with guides and booking options.