About us

KeyNest was founded in 2015 by Marc Figueras and Florian Hoven. It all started when Marc asked his local café to hold keys for his Airbnb guests, who’d be coming later that day. Today, KeyNest uses smart RFID fobs to manage keys for thousands of clients across the UK, both at their own offices and through an extensive network of KeyNest Stores.

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Stores and Offices

We offer an integrated solution for all your key management problems. KeyNest Office is a unique key management system that tracks keys in and out of business premises, so you’ll never lose keys again. KeyNest Stores hold keys locally and are typically used by Airbnb hosts and property managers. Both products work seamlessly together so you’ll be able to manage all your keys in one dashboard.

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Backed by the UK’s leading property companies

KeyNest is backed by LiFE Residential, one of London’s leading Estate Agents, and part of the Galliard Homes group. We joined LiFE Ventures’ accelerator program in 2017, as part of our second round of investment.

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Airbnb HostAssist partners

KeyNest is a proud HostAssist partner of Airbnb. Thanks to our direct API integration with Airbnb, you can use your Airbnb account to manage keys at secure.keynest.com. You can check out the KeyNest HostAssist partner profile on the Airbnb website.

Our clients are also welcome to use other OTAs like Booking.com as well as any PMS they wish to in order to liaise with their guests.