Airbnb check-ins made easy

KeyNest sample store

Deposit your keys at your local KeyNest store

Take 30 seconds to create your KeyNest account and instantly receive your drop off code.

When you bring your keys to the store, the shopkeeper will attach a tracking fob to your keys and place them in our safe.

KeyNest App and Fob

Send the collection code to your guests

To generate a collection code, simply log in to your KeyNest account and select "Get a collection code".

Send the code to your guests along with the address of our KeyNest.

Key exchange 4.png

Get notified every time keys are collected or returned

You will be immediately notified by email that your keys have been collected.

To return the keys to our store, your guests can just hand the key to our shopkeeper. The shopkeeper will scan our tracking fob and place the keys back in our safe.

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Find your nearest KeyNest Store

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What KeyNest customers are saying

KeyNest really simplified my life as a host. The guests really like it, and I can manage check-ins from anywhere. I actually use it for my cleaners as well - it’s so simple to use.
— Enzo, Airbnb host
With over 1,000 homes in our books, Keynest saves us cost, the hassle and provides our guest the best possible experience. Keynest support team are always there - just a phone call away.
— Anthony, Operations coordinator at Veeve


We offer 3 pricing plans to accommodate for your needs. You can choose to be billed annually or monthly (can be cancelled any time) to get unlimited collections with our most popular subscription plans, or choose to pay per collection.

Pay As You Go

£5.95 per key collection
£7.14 incl VAT

drop-off is always free

key storage for 30 days
online key tracking
24/7 support


£14.95 per month
£17.94 incl VAT

billed annually

unlimited key collections
unlimited key storage
online key tracking
24/7 support

Monthly Subscription

£18.95 per month
£22.74 incl VAT

billed monthly

unlimited key collections
unlimited key storage
online key tracking
24/7 support

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