Guest ID Verification

Whether you want to cut down on fake bookings or just know who is staying in your home, use KeyNest Verify to confirm your guest's identity and give yourself extra peace of mind.


Host with confidence! We are a global Host Assist partner of Airbnb

Fully automated

Verifying an ID with KeyNest is easy - just book online and let us know the details of your guest. We'll take care of the rest, and send key collection details to your guest once the verification is complete.

Prevent fraudulant bookings

Cut down the lost revenue and frustration caused by fraudulant bookings, rejected credit cards and no-shows. Reject unverified bookings and free up space on your rental schedule.

Instant results

If a fraudulant booking is blocking off your schedule, you'll want to get it sorted as fast as possible. KeyNest Verify gives you results in minutes, leaving you free to keep your rental open to real guests.

Comprehensive breakdown

You won't just get a scan of your guest's ID. Your guest's ID will be checked thoroughly for document authenticity, liveness, a facial match and also checked against international criminal wanted list databases.

Takes seconds for guests

KeyNest verify isn't just quick and easy for you - it's quick and easy for your guests too. It takes less than a minute to complete the verification process - all that's needed is a smartphone and a valid ID card or passport.

Secure and safe

KeyNest is trusted by over 10,000 hosts to manage access to their property. That's because we take security seriously. KeyNest Verify data is secured with standards-based crypto-algorithms, meaning yours' and your guest's data is safe with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if you need ID verification? Not sure how to use it? The questions we get asked the most are below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to our friendly support team by email or give us a ring on 0203 633 4599.

What is KeyNest Verify?

KeyNest Verify is our secure service for checking IDs of guests. It checks your guest’s face and matches it to their ID, and provides you with a full breakdown of their details.

Is KeyNest Verify right for me?

KeyNest’s ID verification is perfect for anyone who needs to check a guest’s ID but isn’t able to do it in person, such as:

  • Airbnb hosts renting out their homes
  • Short-term rental companies
  • Serviced apartment operators

How do I use KeyNest Verify?

Using KeyNest Verify is easy - select the key that will be collected by your guest and book a new collection code. Before you complete the checkout you'll be given the option to add ID verification. Select the box to enable ID verification and fill out your guest's details. We’ll email the guest with instructions for verifying their ID, and when it’s been verified we’ll send you a confirmation along with a scan of the ID. You can only use KeyNest Verify with single-use codes.

Do I need to send the key collection details to my guest?

You don't! Once your guest has completed their ID verification we'll send them details on how to collect the key from the KeyNest store.

Do you verify IDs in store?

No we don't verify IDs in store. This speeds up the collection process and we ensure security through single-use collection codes.