Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how KeyNest Office works? Not sure if it's right for you? The questions we get asked the most are below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to our friendly support team by email or give us a ring on 0203 633 4599.

What is KeyNest Office?

KeyNest Office is our smart key management software for businesses who manage a large amount of keys. It consists of two pieces of software - KeyNest Office, which is used to track keys in and out of your Office, and the KeyNest Staff app, a mobile app for your staff to log key exchanges out in the field.

Is KeyNest Office right for me?

KeyNest Office is perfect for:

  • High street estate agencies
  • Serviced apartment operators
  • Short term rental companies
  • Car dealerships
  • Construction companies
  • Other businesses who work with large amounts of keys

Can we use our own device to sign keys in/out of the office?

We recommend using the tablet that we supply with KeyNest Office. You can however use your own device, but we would advise you to contact us first to make sure that it is fitted with a compatible NFC reader.

How do I log keys in and out using KeyNest Office?

Select collect a key on the device and enter the name of the key. Select your username or the user who will be taking the key and KeyNest Office will tell you which key to take from the cabinet. Scanning the fob on the device will confirm that this is the correct key. This key will then be registered as in use by this user until it is returned. To return the key, they just have to tap the fob onto the device and it will tell them which slot to return the key to.

How do I add keys to KeyNest Office?

Open up the KeyNest Office app on your device and select register a new key. Fill out the details and attach a fob, then scan the fob on the device. KeyNest Office will then tell you which slot to place the key in.

How do I receive keys using the KeyNest Staff app?

Select receive keys on the app and scan the fob on the back of the phone. The app will then mark the keys as being under your name. To give the keys to a guest or tenant, select give keys to guest, scan the fob and enter their name.

What’s the difference between Keynest Office and Keynest Stores?

KeyNest Office is used for tracking keys in and out of your office, where as KeyNest Stores are a network of locations across the UK where keys can be dropped off, stored and collected. KeyNest Stores and Office are fully integrated. See below on how to use Office and Stores together.

How do I use Keynest Stores to store keys from the office?

KeyNest Office and Stores are integrated solutions that are controlled from the same dashboard. When a key is taken to our store our shopkeeper will scan the fob to log it in. Then go to the My Keys section of your dashboard, select the key, and generate a collection code. The key can then be collected again by showing this collection code to the shopkeeper in the store.

Can I keep my existing key cabinet?

Yes - we work with your existing key cabinet when installing KeyNest Office. The Office app also includes support for you to choose your own key slots - so if you already have an ordering system for your keys you can keep them in the same slot in your cabinet.