Key management for short term rentals

Stay in control of your keys with Stores, Office and Staff - three integrated solutions from KeyNest that allow you to exchange and manage your keys with ease.


Host with confidence! We are a global Host Assist partner of Airbnb

KeyNest Stores

Automate your operations

Allow property access even when your office is closed - just send the collection code to your guests or staff and we’ll notify you whenever the keys are collected or dropped off.

Save your staff valuable time

Let your staff concentrate on growing your business instead of transporting keys.

KeyNest store for exchanging keys

KeyNest Office

Stay in control of your keys

KeyNest Office helps you keep on top of your operations by seamlessly tracking keys in and out of your premises.

Easy as tap-in, tap-out

Logging keys in and out of the office is as quick and easy as making a contactless payment - just scan the RFID fob onto the KeyNest device.

Short-term rental property manager handing over keys to greeter

KeyNest Staff

Never lose track of a key again

Logging key exchanges out in the field takes seconds with the fully integrated KeyNest Staff app.

View GPS locations of key exchanges

Want to know the exact time and place a key exchange took place? No problem - KeyNest Staff sends GPS data to your dashboard every time keys are handed over.

Staff member using KeyNest to track key handovers out in the field

 We have direct integrations with Airbnb, leading PMS and channel managers, as well as an API that you can integrate with directly.

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“KeyNest allows us to manage properties all across London by giving our staff quick access to our homes without any hassles. We don’t have to waste time planning and commuting from home to home - now all we have to do is send a code!”

Operations team, GuestReady

“KeyNest makes our operations more efficient by enabling local key exchanges & key management in our office. We want to provide our guests the best possible experience and KeyNest allows us to do so while also saving us money and hassle. Our staff have saved so much time by using KeyNest.”

Anthony Lee, Operations Coordinator, Veeve


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