What KeyNest provides to SA operators

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Save time & money

Lower operational costs

Having your maintenance, tradesmen or cleaning staff collect keys locally cuts down the time & cost of travel to the central office or to have couriers distributing the keys.

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More security

Less key-admin

Our secure system automatically notifies you at every drop-off and collection and allows you to track every key online in one dashboard. Our locations are vetted and their staff trained to ensure your keys are properly handled & stored in our safe, behind the counter. 

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Allow quick intervention

Back-up solution

Having a key in our locations greatly reduces the cost of urgent interventions (eg lock-outs, broken boilers, etc.) while allowing you to enter the property within a few minutes.


Don’t just take our word for it

KeyNest allows us to manage properties all across London by giving our staff quick access to our homes without any hassles. We don’t have to waste time planning and commuting from home to home - now all we have to do is send a code!

Not only saving us our valuable time and transport costs, KeyNest also adds a great deal of transparency throughout the whole process: we love the real-time notifications we receive whenever a staff member or a guest collects the keys. There are so many different people dealing with these keys, and this tracking definitely adds an extra layer of trust.
— Operations team, GuestReady
KeyNest makes our operations more efficient by enabling local key exchanges & key management in our office. 

We want to provide our guests the best possible experience and KeyNest allows us to do so while also saving us money and hassle. Our staff have saved so much time by using KeyNest.  

We are constantly adding new homes to our portfolio and KeyNest’s ever growing network of stores allows us to maintain our high levels of service in all different areas of London.
— Anthony Lee, Operations Coordinator, Veeve