Never lose your keys again

Key handover

Always stay in control of your keys

KeyNest uses RFID fobs to record and monitor keys that are logged in and out of business premises.

Not only will you know who has the keys, you’ll also receive automatic notifications when keys have not been returned on time. 

KeyNest fobs

Save time & money

Save money on contractor call-out charges and replacement keys. Save your staff having to look through logbooks and enable them to focus on growing your business.

We will provide a free KeyNest device for your staff to log keys in and out, in just a few seconds. So simple, anyone can use it

KeyNest app

Easy to use and self-auditing software

Our smart technology saves you space and ensures constant self-auditing.

No specific hardware is required, our system works with any key cabinet

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How many properties do you manage?


pounds saved per year


work hours given back to your staff per year

The above estimates are based on an average number of keys per property and time and money spent dealing with misplaced and lost keys. Your KeyNest stats may differ.


What KeyNest customers are saying

KeyNest has made our life so much simpler!
The online dashboard is always accurate, which has saved us a lot of money in call-out charges. We’re rolling it out across our 13 branches.
— Jonathan Werth, MD LiFE Residential

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