Key Management Software - Frequently Asked Questions

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About KeyNest

What is KeyNest office?

KeyNest Office is a key management solution for any business with a large number of keys in their office. KeyNest office enables your staff to easily log keys in and out and prevent them from taking any key without logging it out first.

Who is KeyNest Office for?

KeyNest is ideal for anyone who has a large number of keys to manage:

  • Sales & lettings agents
  • Property management companies
  • Online & hybrid Estate Agents
  • Car rental companies

How KeyNest office works

How does it work?

KeyNest uses RFID fobs to record and monitor keys that are logged in and out of business premises.

What do I need in order to use KeyNest?

We will provide a free KeyNest device for your staff to log keys in and out, in just a few seconds. We work with your existing key cabinet.