The easiest and safest way to share keys with your cover Housekeepers

When your regular Housekeeper is away it can be difficult to swap keys with their replacement. Enjoy 50% off your first month of convenient and secure key exchange with KeyNest, exclusively for Housekeep customers. Fuss free, cancel anytime.

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KeyNest App and Fob

Sign up, find your store and share the collection code

It takes 30 seconds to create your KeyNest account and you’ll receive a unique 6-digit collection code to share with your Housekeeper. We’ll also give you a drop-off code for when you take your keys to your local store.

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Drop off your keys and get notified when they are collected and dropped off

Bring your keys to the store and give the drop-off code to the shopkeeper. We’ll attach a tracking fob and place them in our secure safe. When your Housekeeper gives us the collection code we’ll scan the keys and they’ll be able to access your house fuss free. We’ll notify you by email when they collect and return the keys.

KeyNest sample store

Collect your keys from the store

When your Housekeeper returns the keys to the store they’ll be scanned and placed back in our safe – you can pick them up again any time by giving your collection code to the shopkeeper.

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Find your nearest KeyNest Store

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Why KeyNest?

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Convenient key exchange

When you have a cover cleaner you can’t always be around to let them in. Key exchange with KeyNest means you don’t need to interrupt your plans – sign up, drop off and pick your keys back up later. 

Peace of mind 

Securely locked safes, trained staff, single-use codes and anonymous data storage. Just some of the reasons your keys are safe with KeyNest’s Guardhog approved security. 

Updates - wherever, whenever

 With email notifications and online status tracking, you’ll always know whether your keys are in use or in store. 


What KeyNest customers are saying

KeyNest really simplified my life as a host. The guests really like it, and I can manage check-ins from anywhere. I actually use it for my cleaners as well - it’s so simple to use.
— Enzo, Airbnb host
With over 1,000 homes in our books, Keynest saves us cost, the hassle and provides our guest the best possible experience. Keynest support team are always there - just a phone call away.
— Anthony, Operations coordinator at Veeve



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£22.74 incl VAT

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unlimited key collections
unlimited key storage
online key tracking
24/7 support

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