Frequently Asked Questions for our Key Exchange Stores

Please refer to the questions below if you have any remaining questions. If you can't find a good answer to your question, please e-mail us at or give us a call at 0203 633 4599.


About KeyNest

What is KeyNest Store?

KeyNest store is a smart key exchange service that allows customers to securely store keys in their nearest local store so that someone else can collect them later.

Who uses KeyNest stores?

KeyNest is ideal for anyone who wants to securely give access to a property:

  • Airbnb hosts sharing keys with guests / cleaners
  • Short-term rental companies sharing keys with guests / cleaners / greeters / maintenance
  • Real estate agents sharing keys with contractors / staff
  • Busy Londoners sharing keys with their cleaners / friends / contractors

How do I drop off the keys?

After signing up on our website, you can add a key in the "My Keys" section. You will receive a 6-digit registration code with which you can drop off your keys in any KeyNest store. The staff will attach a KeyNest fob to your keyset so that you will receive an automated email as soon as your keys are collected or dropped off.

Once you have already dropped your keyset at the store and have a fob attached to your it, simply go to the KeyNest store where you want to drop off your keys again and hand them to a staff member. They will scan the KeyNest fob and securely store your key in our safe to be ready for the next collection.

How does the key collection work?

To collect a set of keys, you first need to book a collection code online by going to "My Keys", "Manage Access", clicking on "Get a collection code" and then selecting the KeyNest where you want to have your keys collected. Then, forward that code, as well as the location details, to the person collecting the keys.

How can I book a key collection code?

To book a collection code, first log into your KeyNest account and go to "My Keys" to select the keyset which will be collected. Then, click on "Manage Access" and "Get a Collection Code". Finally, select your preferred store and click on "Book Now". After our secure payment page, you will instantly receive a 6-digit collection code which you will need to forward to the person collecting your keys. You can also easily forward the address and opening times of the store as they will appear in our confirmation email.

If I book several collection codes for a same key, do I have to use the codes in the right order of issue?

You don't have to follow a specific order when using collection codes because they are valid forever, until they are used. You can always see which codes are still valid and which ones have already been used by going to "My Keys", "Manage Access" and "View Codes".

Who can collect the keys?

Anyone with a valid collection code can pick up the keys. Codes are valid only once and will not expire until they are used. Our service is ideal for Airbnb guests as our KeyNest stores are carefully selected & vetted to ensure a 5-star welcome experience.

I will not be able to drop off my keys for the first time; can a friend drop them off for me?

Sure! Just make sure to provide them with your 6-digit registration code. You will receive an email as soon as the keys are dropped off at the KeyNest.

Our KeyNest Stores

How does KeyNest ensure that the key exchange service is secure?

Security is our top priority. We will never ask you to provide us with your exact address, so your keys' identity will be protected at all times. Our KeyNest fobs are encrypted and allow you to track every move of your keys. Our codes are single-use (unless permanent codes were requested) so that no one can collect your keys with an already used collection code. For more information on our security, please see our Security section.

What if there is no KeyNest store near my property?

We would be happy to open a new location for you. Just let us know by providing us with your details at the bottom of our Locations page and we will do our best to open a new KeyNest location close to you. In the meantime, have you had a look at our KeyNest locations situated next to a nearby tube or railway station which is used by your guests?

Can I suggest a new KeyNest store?

Of course! Click here.

What if there is no KeyNest in my city?

We open a KeyNest store in a new city every month! Please fill in this form.

My guest's expected arrival / departure time is outside of the KeyNests opening hours. Can I still use KeyNest?

Yes, but please use a different KeyNest. We have several 24/7 stores exactly for that purpose. Please check the opening hours of the location when booking a key collection and make sure that your guest is aware of them and is expected to arrive before the location closes. The opening hours of each store are posted on our map of stores and will be emailed to you along with each collection code.

Is my KeyNest account tied to a specific KeyNest location?

No, you can drop off and book a key collection for any KeyNest location (whichever is most convenient for you and your guests). However, please be aware that our key collection codes are only valid at the store they were booked for.

Can I use two different locations for the same key and the same monthly fee?

Neither your KeyNest account nor your keys are tied to a specific location. Therefore, you can use different stores for the same key. You just have to make sure that you get collection codes for each of the KeyNest stores you are planning to use.

Pricing and Storage

How much does it cost to use KeyNest?

KeyNest offers three different pricing options:

  • you can subscribe to our monthly plan which offers you unlimited key collections and storage for £18.95 per month and per key. (billed monthly)
  • you can also choose to be billed annually, which reduces the monthly fee to £14.95 per month and per key.
  • Finally, for less frequent users, we also offer a pay per use option, which is £5.95 per collection.

Dropping off your key is always free. Also, all of our plans include our 24/7 support and online key tracking.

Will my guests be asked to pay when collecting my keys in the KeyNest?

Your guests, cleaner, or any other person collecting your keys will never need to pay anything. All they need to do is provide the 6-digit collection code that you previously booked when they collect your keys.

I would like to change my KeyNest plan. What can I do?

If you are on our pay per use plan and you want to subscribe for our monthly or yearly plan: log into your KeyNest account and go to "My Keys". Then, select the key you want to subscribe for by clicking "Manage Access" and "Get Unlimited Codes". Finally, choose our monthly or yearly plan. If you have already subscribed and would like to change to another plan, log into your KeyNest account and go to "My keys". Select the key you have already subscribed for by clicking "Manage access" and click "Manage My Subscriptions". Finally, click on "Change My Plan". Your plan will be modified on the date of your next invoice.

I would like to cancel my monthly subscription. Is it possible?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, log into your KeyNest account and go to "My Keys". Select the key you want to unsubscribe for by clicking "Manage Access". Click on "Manage My Subscription". You can now cancel by clicking "Cancel": you will have the choice between cancelling your plan immediately or at the date of your next invoice.

How long can I store keys with KeyNest?

If you are on the pay per use plan, you can store your keys in any KeyNest for up to one month for free. After your first month, we will ask you to book at least one collection code per month for every key. Our collection codes do not expire until they are used so you can accumulate these codes for when you do need to use them. If you are on our monthly or yearly plan, you benefit from unlimited key storage.

How many keys can I have on one keyset?

You can have multiple keys and fobs on every keyset, up to a maximum of 6 items.

I booked a code and I don’t need it anymore. Can you refund me?

Our codes are automatically generated and they never expire. We don't offer refunds, but you can use this code at any time in the future.

Using the Interface

How do I add keys to my account?

After logging in, go to the "My Keys" section and click the "Add Key" button.

How can I see my registration code to drop off my keys for the first time? How can I see which key collection codes I have already booked?

Simply log in, go to the "My Keys" section and click the "View Codes" button.

This section will also allow you to check which codes are still valid and which ones have already been used.

How do I get a KeyNest fob to attach to my keyset?

When you drop off your keys for the first time by using your 6-digit registration code in one of our stores, the shopkeeper will attach a KeyNest fob to your keys in order to ensure future tracking. This fob is intended to be permanently attached to your keys, so please do not remove it.

What if I lose or damage my KeyNest fob?

Please call 02036334599 and we will give you instructions for getting another KeyNest fob.

Can I manage multiple keys on one account?

You can add as many keys as you like. To add a new key, simply log in, go to the "My Keys" section and click the "Add Key" button.

How do I remove a key from my account?

If you added a key by mistake, you can delete it by clicking on the delete button on your "My Keys" dashboard.

If the key you want to remove is at a KeyNest store, you will need to collect it first with a valid collection code.