Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if you need ID verification? Not sure how to use it? The questions we get asked the most are below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to our friendly support team by email or give us a ring on 0203 633 4599.

What is KeyNest Staff?

KeyNest Staff is our app that allows you to track key exchanges out in the field. It’s fully integrated with our smart key management software, KeyNest Office, and our network of key exchange locations, KeyNest Staff.

Is KeyNest Staff right for me?

KeyNest Staff is perfect for:

  • High street estate agencies
  • Serviced apartment operators
  • Short term rental companies
  • Car dealerships
  • Construction companies
  • Other businesses who work with large amounts of keys

How do I download KeyNest Staff?

As KeyNest Staff can be used by anyone in your team, it’s available to download on both the Play Store and the App Store.

How do I log key exchanges with KeyNest Staff?

To log a key exchange, just open the KeyNest Staff app and select receive key. Then just scan the keyfob. This will send the GPS location of the key exchange to your dashboard and allocate the keys to you.

How do I give keys to guests or contractors?

To give keys to a guest or contractor just open KeyNest Staff and select give a key. Enter the name and contact number of the person who is receiving the keys, and scan the keyfob to confirm.